Dickens Home

posted in testimonials on March 05, 2013

I am the proud owner of a single-family home in Richmond’s historic Museum District. My home is also over 150 years old, so having work done that maintains the historical integrity of the house calls for a pretty special set of skills. To complicate matters, a snowboarding accident over a decade ago left me in a wheelchair, so living in a work zone is simply not practical.


Drew and the team at Fresh Air came to address a couple of issues for me:  The age of my house left me with areas that were entirely too cold, and some areas that were too hot.  If you were comfortable in the dining room, the upstairs master bedroom was a sauna.  There was also a maze of ductwork in my attic from a century’s worth of upgrades.

Fresh Air arranged to renovate my entire system during a short window when I would be out of town.  They removed all of the unnecessary ductwork, installed new where needed, and changed my air conditioning from a single zone to a dual zone system.  That, coupled with the strategic placement of thermostats, now allows me to make every area of my home as comfortable as I desire.  Drew also spent time with my wife and I, teaching us how to program the new thermostats and take advantage of the control and cost-savings that were now available.

The ONLY waste to be thrown away fit into one leaf/grass garbage bag. IMPRESSIVE. The rest was recycled. The best part of working with Fresh Air was returning from being out of town, rolling into a comfortable home, and seeing not a trace of them being there.  They were on-time, efficient, clean, and made my historic home comfortable with modern equipment.  It may not last the next 150 years, but it will last me for a while.

Scott Dickens
Richmond, Virginia