Our Office is in Your Attic

posted in Solutions on March 20, 2013

When you awake in the morning, you probably down a quick breakfast, have a cup of coffee, and then prepare for your day at work.  You gather the presentation for your boss, the lunch that will save you some extra cash, and your gym clothes for after work.  When you arrive at your office, you set your coffee cup on the desk in your cubicle, or call for the secretary from your antique walnut credenza, and then get into your day.  Regardless of the size of your office, you most likely have a computer, decent lighting, an ergonomic chair, and a photo of your loved one.  This is probably true of the office in your home as well – creature comforts and the tools that you need at hand.

Your office is nicer than ours.Attic

Sure, we have some tools and gadgets that we use for our job, and a photo of our loved ones.  But rather than residing in an organizer or pencil cup, what we need is dangling from our belt.  The photo is safely tucked away in our wallet, the coffee is on the center console in the truck, and our lighting is strapped to our head.  Rather than a commanding view of the city or even our neighbor’s cubicle, our view is of your attic or crawlspace.

That’s our office.

Think about this:  When was the last time that you actually looked at this part of your home?  Really looked?  You may store things in your attic, but have you examined the nooks and crannies?  Have you strained into the corners and around the dormers?  Can you tell us, with certainty, which wire runs what, what pipe vents where, and whether that duct feeds the guest room or second bath?  Can you further confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that all of the ducts in this space continue uninterrupted to their desired space, or even that everything that you see is currently hooked up to your heating and cooling system and not a remnant of an older installation?

That’s what we do.

A key difference between Fresh Air and many of our competitors is that we enjoy going in to the office every day.  Heating and air companies often start their relationship with you by sending in a “service expert” to analyze your current system and make recommendations.  Where do they do this from?  If it is from your living room or kitchen table, break up with them now.

A better partner might be one that walks around your home a bit, actually looks at some registers and returns, and perhaps tinkers with your thermostat.  But that one may still leave you standing on the curb come a cold and blustery prom night.

We’re going to 073do our work in the dusty and forgotten corners of your home.  The registers, returns and thermostats won’t reveal this, but it’s true.  Like every other company, we’ll walk with you through your home to get a feel for your living space, identify areas of need, and decide the best spots to put things, but it’s behind the walls and above the ceilings that we really do our work.

And we’re anxious to get into the office.